Nov 2, 2010

The Greatest Hoax

What would be your response if I told you that someone was lying to you about something important? You would probably want to know what your being lied to about right?

Now what if what you are being lied to about is so important that, basically, you would have to change your entire world view in order to be consistently following the truth, and that you would probably be looked at as a fool for doing so. Would you want to know the truth then?

Perhaps you've heard me say before that I am a Bible believing Christian. Perhaps you've heard me say that I believe the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, sufficient word of God. Meaning that every word in it is true, and except when it is blatantly obvious that the speaker or author is intentionally speaking in parables or giving an analogy, every story and teaching is true.

So when Jesus says let me tell you a parable, it means He is speaking a parable. A parable is a made up story told to get a point across. Some of the details may be made up, such as people or events, but generally, it is still based within reality. I say this, because Jehovah's Witnesses will usually deny Jesus' story about the rich man being in a real hell because He was telling a parable. Well, my response to this is, 'If hell is not real, and Jesus is all about correct doctrine and teaching, why would He tell a parable and use an event where a person is in hell?

But I've digressed.

So it is clear within Scripture when someone is speaking a parable or figuratively. So what about a story like Jonah and the whale? Well, I am one of those nuts that believe that there was a man named Jonah, and he really did get swallowed by a whale.

I bring this up for this reason. When the Bible says that God created the world in 6 24 hour days, I believe it is true. Not only that, but because I believe the Bible to be accurate in all things including it's historical record, as has been continuously proven despite thousands of years of effort to disprove it, when you add up the genealogies and timeline, the world, since it's creation, is roughly 6000 years old.

So the greatest hoax ever; what we have all been lied to about, is Darwinian evolution. That is, out nothing, by nothing, for no reason, the universe created itself. Then after billions of years and out of the chaos, matter organized itself and somehow non-living matter became life. Then through an agonizing process of death, disease and suffering, slime has become us.

I certainly realize the absurdness I am presenting to you all. That for all of our life, science has not only been wrong, but has lied to us. Yes, I know. It sounds crazy, but I tell the truth.

Are you willing to hear me out? For although I am no scientist, I have studied the issue, and the scientists who do bring to the table this other side, do bring with them some very heavy and real support from the evidence. You see, we all have the same evidence, but how are you going to listen to that evidence?

I have here a video to show you. This is Dr. Jonathan Sarfati. He was recently in Winnipeg, and I would like you to hear what he had to say. I hope you consider his presentation carefully and thoughtfully.

I could not find the presentation I attended at Eastview Community Church, but I did find another video where Dr. Sarfati's speech is similar.