Dec 3, 2010

Christmas is about Jesus Right?

Hey everyone,
My family and I are going to start a new tradition for Christmas this year.

You see, Christmas for me has become almost depressing. It's supposed to be about the birth of the infinite, eternal God in flesh for the salvation of man right? I think it's becoming obvious though to every Christian that there is something wrong with the way this holy day is celebrated.

I believe it's because our holiday is more about materialism, it's traditions are less about Jesus and more about an imaginary fat guy in a red pajamas, and we, the Church, celebrate this day with more non-believers and even celebrate it as they do, than we do with those whom Jesus has bought with His blood (unless of course, your family are believers).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I don't want to spend time with my relatives, of course I do. I simply think that we should spend more time gathered as the Church to celebrate our Saviour than just Sunday mornings, or perhaps a Christmas morning "service".

By this I mean, on Christmas day, the main gathering should be with the Church.

I bet that when the Church started celebrating the birth of Christ it was celebrated at the location of where they met regularly, and only believers would have had any desire to celebrate it. Why would those who reject Christ celebrate it?

Oh wait a minute, that's why the Church took originally pagan traditions and "Christianized" them. So now you un-believers can continue the same traditions, only now, since we have the Roman Emperor on our side we can tell you what it means and you have to celebrate it as we do. (Almost sounds like an early version of the "seeker sensitive" movement. You know, find out what the un-believing culture likes and then try to impose a sort of Christian theme on it).

How have the unbelieving peoples so taken over our holiday? Might it be because there are so many traditions that we hold to with this day that have nothing to do with Jesus at all, that it became so easy for them to participate without any consideration of Jesus. I'm talking about Santa, the tree, the idea of Christmas having to do with snow, or how about even the huge push for Christmas to be the big day of the year for family, and getting together, and peace on earth, and charity.

Again, don't get me wrong, these things are all really nice and, are what we Christians are supposed to be about, but Christmas isn't.

Just so you don't think that I'm some sort of cold heart, instead of spending all our money on gifts for our kids that they don't need more of, my wife and I are trying to teach them that it's not about them getting toys. So we have donated and bought 2 goats for a family from Gospel for Asia.

Christmas is about Jesus right?

So, the new tradition I and my family want to start this year is that on Dec 26, we are going to celebrate the birth of Jesus with our family in Christ. I want to set apart a day to celebrate with the Church.

We would like to have a meal at our home. We shall read together the Scriptures of our Lord, sing hymns of His birth, pray, and just spend time in fellowship together.

If you live in Winnipeg, and bow at the name of Jesus, we would like to invite you.


  1. That is a great tradition to start; Christmas is about JESUS!

  2. Hi Toyin O. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes Christmas is about Jesus, and already I am more excited about this Christmas being centered and focused on Jesus.