Apr 12, 2011

Things to Come

So, here I am. I have come much further in the process of creating this whole Like a Thessalonian Ministry, and I have yet to actually go through my favourite book of the New Testament. 3 John.

Naaaa, I'm just joking, it's Paul's first letter to the Thessalonians.

I did a long time ago, explain how and where I received the inspiration for this ministry (click here to read it if you wish), but I've always planned on doing a verse by verse exposition of this fantastic letter by the Apostle Paul.

I just want to say preliminary, as we are going through 1 Thessalonians, I will also be writing articles for this website and adding them as I complete them. I will in all efforts try to have a new post up each week for us to read and ponder and discuss.

I look forward to questions and comments.

In everything by prayer
By the power of the Holy Spirit
In Jesus Christ the Lord of all
For the Glory of the Father

Ryan Banman

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